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I was first introduced to the importance of health coverage when my youngest son was born 4 weeks premature. His lungs were not fully developed and he was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit.

The doctor’s worked to get him breathing with tubes in his chest and medications but nothing was working and he was getting worse. He was given a 5% chance for life. I would have gladly exchanged my life for his. At that time , is when I learned the power of prayer in my life.

My son is fully healthy today, the cost for his time in the hospital and procedures was over $250,000 before our insurance took care of the cost. That event changed our lives forever, my wife and daughter became nurses and my sons, one is in business and one is in the health industry.

That led to my passion to protect families and small businesses. I focus on your situation, so when something does happen, you are protected under every circumstance that life will inevitably throw at you . Do you want an agent who will be there for you, wants to help you and knows the importance of protecting your loved ones?

Prior to becoming a Licensed Agent for Health Coverage I owned my own business and worked with small business owners and self-employed people. I know and understand the challenges they face in the business world and I always work to solve their needs and answer their questions about Health Coverage.

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